• Key Vet available on Mac OS X

    Now available for Mac OS X:

    Key Vet - Veterinary Practice Management

    All patient data in one place! Now, the place can be a Mac!

    Client and pet (patient) record keeping, appointment calendar, planned and confirmed schedules, patient history, diagnostic, treatment, analisys, images and documents, notes.

    Key Service - software application


    Key Service - software application

    Keep your service activities under control!

    Key Service allows the configuration, planning, tracking and reporting activities for resolving service calls.

    KeyDoc - Simple Document Management


    KeyDoc - Simple Document Management

    Organizing your own documents takes time and effort. What about all company's documents? In both cases it is recommended to use appropriate tools.

    Save time by organizing and managing your documents in a unitary manner!

    KeyGroupware - Plan, Control, Report, Share


    KeyGroupware - Plan, Control, Report, Share

    A unified management solution for your company’s information regarding third parties and for the activities made in order to achieve objectives.

    Optimize information management within the company and save time!

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