KeyGroupware v 1.4.0 – integration with Google Maps

Bucharest, October 29th 2012 – Key Soft announces the release of version 1.4.0 of the collaboration software KeyGroupware.

Now it’s easier to manage contact persons and get detailed info on your partner’s location.

KeyGroupware - Duplicate contact

New feature: Integration with Google Maps

In the company detail interface the Google button offers the following options:

  •     Show Google map for the customer/supplier location;
  •     Show hotels nearby the customer/supplier location;
  •     Show restaurants nearby the customer/supplier location;
  •     Propose a route from your company location to customer/supplier location.

Note: An Internet connection is a must.

New feature: Import/Export electronic business cards (.vcf)

Drag&drop one ore several .vcf files on the list of contacts. The software will create a contact person for each file. On save, if a duplicate contact is found, the software will present the existing and the new contact data, marking the differences and offering the following options:

  • Create new contact person;
  • Update the existing contact person.

When viewing the details of a contact person, you can export an electronic business card or export it and send it as an attachment to email.

New feature: Check for contact duplicates

When you create a new contact person (either by entering the contact info or by importing a business card), the software checks for an exact match and, if found, shows the differences between the new contact and the existing one. You’ll have the options previously specified: create new or update existing.

Click here to view the detailed application description.

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