Business Process Management – KeySoft BPM

Business Process Management - KeySoft BPM - logoKeySoft BPM is part of a set of enterprise management applications promoted by our company as the Total Management System (TMS). The module can not be purchased by itself.

Increased business performance involves analysis, modeling, control and continuous improvement of internal processes. In a company, internal processes, whether or not involving human operator, refer to the controlled movement of information to facilitate decision making or delivering goods or services to internal and external customers.

KeySoft BPM is a tool that helps automate processes.

The effort of optimization involves the use of tools to allow complete or partial automation of processes.
Based on one or more KeySoft applications and the definition of your company’s internal processes, KeySoft BPM can help you lower costs and increase productivity.

Although it is presented as a module, KeySoft BPM is not available by itself, but as an added functionality to KeySoft TMS.