KeyGroupware – Plan, Control, Report, Share

KeyGroupware is no longer available.

KeyGroupware – Plan, Control, Report, Share was replaced by Document & Project Management Software – Key Groupware.

KeyGroupware - Collaboration SoftwareKeyGroupware collaboration software proposes a unified management solution for your company’s information regarding third parties (clients, suppliers, partners, institutions, contacts) and for the activities made in order to achieve objectives.

Optimize information management within the company and save time!

How much time do you waste daily in order to find lose documents, files, letters, memos, notes, e-mails and customer information? No matter how much, it’s too much!

What you get is:

  • Time… and:
  • Your personal secretary (reminders);
  • Complete history of customer/prospect interaction;
  • Secure sharing of the structured information (access rights);
  • Backup for important data;
  • Customer satisfaction.


Groupware Software

  • Perpetual License
  • Accounts and Contacts
  • Projects and Activities
  • Calendar
  • Access Rights
  • Multi User
  • Many other…
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Demo movies

Detailed demo for KeyGroupware Calendar

KeyGroupware demo – Contact Database

Collaboration Software - Advantages

  • Visualize the flow of information within the company with ease, thanks to the notification system, thus reducing costs associated with this process;
  • Increase employees productivity , thanks to the possibility of collaboration between application users. Vital information about prospects ( a company/person that came into your attention as a possible future client ), customers and suppliers are consolidated into one, very easily accessible place. At any time you can find a contact’s information, a contact’s history, documents or e-mails. The increased productivity is overwhelming.
  • Decrease the risks generated by information ruptures (cases when, for example, an employee leaves the company, and thus information about customers, suppliers or competitors is lost) through history management for each company and contact;
  • Offer the possibility of a better time management for your employees, by using the prioritisation of activities. Obviously, this feature materialises in a significant increase in productivity;
  • Reduce the time spent retrieving information , due to the many filtering possibilities;
  • Manage critical information about prospects, customers or competition, and provide this information across the organization, offering your employees a special advantage. Customers will not have to repeat basic information whenever he or she is assigned to another employee. In addition, this flow of information, generated stealthily, will facilitate the transition from Sales to Service (maintenance), which will lead to increased client satisfaction;
  • Project cost report;
  • Decrease company costs, by reducing the time in which employees successfully finalize current day activities.

Collaboration Software - Contacts Database

  • Contacts list with multiple filters;
  • Customizable contact types;
  • Apply filters and generate email target;
  • Export data: xls, csv, dbf;
  • Per user data export rights;
  • Birthday notification;
  • Accounts list with multiple filters;
  • Customizable account types and domains;
  • Rights of access to information based on customizable models.

Potential Suppliers

Extension for the company’s activity domain. You can specify the products or services offered by the company, at product group or product line level.

  •  Configuration: product groups and product lines;
  •  Allocation of product groups or product lines per company;
  •  Report: Potential suppliers per product group or product line.

Calendar - Planning, Monitoring and Control of internal activities

  • Multi user;
  • Display day or period;
  • Customizable layout colors:
    • Calendar;
    • Different color per task type.
  • Drag&Drop activity:
    • reschedule task;
    • allocate task (change responsible).
  • Drag&Drop:
    • Text as task description;
    • Account from Account list – creates task for the Account;
    • Contact from Contact list – creates task with Contact Attached;
    • Document – creates task with document attached;
    • Email – creates task with email attached.
  • Per company and per user working schedule;

Activity Validation - Optional

In order to be considered finalized, the activities must be validated by a manager (supervisor). This is an optional functionality.

  •  Configuration: Activate the functionality;
  •  Configuration: Define the validation rights per user group;
  •  The “No Activity” report offers the list of users which did not report any activity in the specified period;
  •  The only activities taken into consideration in the Project Costs report are the finalised activities so, you can have a strict control over the quality of the reported activities.

Projects - Planning, Tracking, History

In order to structure all the activities that have a specific purpose, a predefined number of resources, and a well-defined deadline, KeyGroupware provides the projects module.

Each new project the company has is managed in the database. Each task (planned tasks, simple reporting tasks, notifications) that refers to a project will be allocated (by simple selection) to the corresponding project.

Managers have, at any moment, a clear picture of company’s projects:

  • The project status (planned, in work, completed);
  • Who, when and what worked for completing a project;
  • A history of all the projects.

The Gantt chart offers a graphical view of the activities related to the current project. You can access the activity detail by double clicking on its graphical representation.

Security - Access Rights

You can enable several levels of security.

  • Menu level access rights. At least access to configuration and administration menus must be restricted. But, you have the option to restrict access to every application menu.
  • Access rights templates. You can define access rights templates for most of the modules. By defining a rights template, you enable the standard access rights for each new record.The template specifies the default “View”, “Modify”, “Delete” rights. Examples: Company, Contact, Project, Task.
  • Button access rights. The application administrator has the option to restrict access to every interface button. Example: “Add”, “Delete”, “Save”, etc

Additional Features and Technical Details

Please find the details on this page: Dexgine – Common Features and Technical Details.

Product details

Name: , v 1.4.1
Category: Productivity
Description: A unified management solution for your company's information regarding third parties (clients, suppliers, partners, institutions, contacts) and for the activities made in order to achieve objectives.
Languages: English, Romana
Operating systems: Windows Server 2000 and up, Windows XP and up,
Requirements: SQL Server Express 2005 and up, SQL Server 2000 and up, MySQL 5.1 and up, PostgreSQL 8.0 and up, Oracle 10 and up
Price: from 95.2 EUR. Price list
Availability: In stock