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Customer Relationship Management - KeySoft CRM - logoKeySoft Customer Relationship Management is part of a set of enterprise management applications promoted by our company as the Total Management System (TMS). The module can be purchased by itself.

The importance of individual relationships with external contacts of the organization increases. The technology must allow your employees to communicate more productively with the outside. The information must be transparent in order to generate analysis and reports for decision support.

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Maintaining good relationships is essential in a successful organization. These relationships requires management, and management takes time.

How much time are you losing dayly searching for documents, files, letters, memos, notes, e-mail or customer information? Doesn’t matter how much! It is too much!


KeySoft Customer Relationship Management offers a structured way for customer relationship management and a tool that will help manage sales cycles, be they simple or complex.

KeySoft CRM frees time by simplifying operations such as information access. Vital information about prospects (company/person that came into your attention as a possible future client), customers and suppliers are consolidated in one place. At any time you can find contact information, activity history, documents, e-mails. Productivity increase is significant.

KeySoft CRM enables team work, setting and monitoring of critical points, information transfer, the use of business information, generate correspondence, and planning/ visualization of the expected revenue.

KeySoft Customer Relationship Management helps managers analyze and accurately predict sales cycles and results, leading to better qualified prospects, shorter sales cycles and higher sales.

KeySoft CRM manages the entire life cycle of a sales opportunity and provides current and verifiable information on expected sales.

KeySoft CRM manages critical information about prospects, customers or competitors, and provides this information across the organization offering your employees a special advantage. A customer will not have to repeat his request whenever it is assigned to another employee. In addition, this flow of information generated stealthily, will facilitate the transition from sales to service (maintenance) which will lead to improved customer satisfaction.

KeySoft Customer Relationship Management provides managers the ability to permanently track the workload of the subordinate staff. The application allows you to see the projects and activities planned, underway or completed by subordinates. You can easily assign tasks and track how they are met.

Customer Relationship Management - Company Agenda

KeySoft CRM enables consistent management of information about third parties (clients, suppliers, partners, etc.). Each company that gets in touch with you is managed in the database, along with a number of essential attributes:

  • Code (unique identifier);
  • Name;
  • Contact information (phone, e-mail, fax, URL);
  • Fiscal information (tax code, registration number);
  • Banks and bank accounts (unlimited number of banks and bank accounts in any currency);
  • Addresses (unlimited number of addresses – headquarters, branch offices, warehouses, etc.);
  • Description;
  • Differentiation characteristics (type, status, industry) – freely configurable, depending on the profile and interest of the company;
  • Source of information and explanation.

For each company, contact persons are associated. Multiple contact information:

  • Full Name, Nickname;
  • Title (position);
  • Differentiation characteristics (type, status);
  • Contact details (email, phone, mobile, fax);
  • Date of birth;
  • Spouse;
  • Children;
  • Etc.

Contacts can be assigned to groups of contacts (unlimited). Managing contact groups is extremely useful in managing information campaigns (Promotions). An unlimited number of custom attributes can be easily added through the Property (see TMS – Common Features).

A simple and rapid access rights structure (including predefined access rights) depending on user group, position within the company, or per user, allows you to limit access to confidential data. See also chapter “Data Security, Access rights.” A filter with multiple attributes enables quick retrieval of any company or contact person.

Calendar - Planning, monitoring and controlling internal activities

KeySoft CRM allows planning, allocation and/or reporting activities within the organization. Examples:

  • I set up a meeting and plan a notification (reminder);
  • Assign a task to a colleague and I’ll receive notification upon task completion;
  • Report the results of a meeting specifying the participants and attaching a document (memo, etc.);
  • Send an offer and plan the follow-up.


  • The notification system helps me to manage my schedule;
  • Easy collaboration with colleagues;
  • Easily track the workload of subordinates;
  • Manage a unified database that allows me quick retrieval of information;
  • I will no longer depend on the employees personal agenda. All information is managed centralized and accessible on the basis of rights;
  • I shall not have to start from scratch my relation with a client in case the account manager has left the company.

Task attributes are:

  • Name;
  • Project – in case the activity is related to a project;
  • Parent – in case the activity is related to another activity;
  • Company – in case the activity is related to a company;
  • Activity type;
  • Priority;
  • Status;
  • Start and Due Date;
  • Activity description;
  • Responsible – an activity can be allocated by a manager to a subordinate.

KeySoft Customer Relationship Management allows the formation of logical links between activities. One activity completion can lead to another activity, and you can create a link between them using the “Follow-up” structure. Sub-activities have the same characteristics as the activity, the difference being that they have a specified parent activity.

Actual costs can be reported for each activity (travel, accommodation, meals, etc.). These costs will affect the total costs of the subproject and the those of the main project.

For ease of use, daily activities can be managed graphically through the “Calendar”. The Calendar reflects each employee’s activity in the company. Each task (except TO DO – see below) appears on the calendar and so the manager can track the activities completed, underway or scheduled by a subordinate. In the daily Calendar, the working schedule of the employee is displayed using a different color. Also, each activity is represented with a specific color depending on the type and status of the activity in question. With the help of the reminder, the user can be sure he will not forget the starting hour of an appointment, or of a meeting with a major customer.

KeySoft CRM allows attachment of contacts, notes and documents that describe and characterize the activity or represent the result of the activity (Example: the offer to a client).

ToDo’s features are the same as those of normal tasks, with the following differences:

  • A ToDo can be planned over a longer period of time (it is not limited to current day);
  • The ToDo task type will not appear in the user’s Calendar.

With the help of the notifier, the ToDo responsible will be notified that he or she has received a task. The responsible can report sub-activities taken in order to finalize the ToDo. Upon completion of a ToDo, the creator will be notified. If applicable, the Project Manager will be notified about the creation/completion of a ToDo related to the project.

Projects - Planning, Tracking, History

In order to structure activities having a common and well-defined scope, a number of resources and a well-defined deadline, KeySoft CRM provides the Projects module.

Each activity (Task, ToDo – planned activities, simple reports, notices) which referes to a project will be allocated (simple selection) to the corresponding project.

Project Manager was assigned by a superior. In turn, he or she is able to “break” the project in sub-projects and allocate these sub-projects according to the employees’ skills (Example: quotation to the sales department, technical proposition to the technical department, etc. ). The sub-project has the same characterstics as the project, the difference being that it has a specified “parent”.

KeySoft CRM allows insertion of additional information (properties) that characterize the project (see “Additional Features – Properties“).

Managers have, at any moment, a clear picture of projects within the company:

  • Project status (planned, underway, completed);
  • Who, when, what worked to complete the project;
  • Projects history;
  • Labor costs report, per project;

If you use Keysoft ERP module, the project report includes commercial information corresponding to the project (bills, notes, etc). Also, commercial documents relating to the project can be generated from its interface and their history is readily available.

Project features:

  • Code;
  • Company;
  • Type (application allows to define several types of projects);
  • Status (different group of statuses per project);
  • Start date, due date, the actual date of completion;
  • Responsible – project manager;
  • Forecast (sales forcast) – estimated value;
  • Forecast (sales forcast) – Currency;
  • Forecast (sales forcast) – Effective value – reported at project completion;
  • Forecast (sales forcast) – Win probability;
  • Forecast (sales forcast) – whether or not the project value will be included in the sales forecast;
  • Status change motivation – and arguments;
  • Description.

In addition, you can add documents and notes to describe or characterize the project (see “Documents, Notes”).

Newsletter - Information campaigns (Promotions)

KeySoft Customer Relationship Management offers a dedicated tool for managing information campaigns: “Promotion” type project. A special type of project that allows management of promotion campaigns (e-mail or traditional mail) and generate personalized messages based on the information managed in the database. It is a simple and elegant way to manage information campaigns and it is an important differentiator for your company against the competition. Based on the information contained in the database, you have the possibility to generate a message template that can be:

  • Html or eml for electronic mail (e-mail);
  • Microsoft Word for the mail or fax campaigns.

The target (the recipients) is specified based on multiple selections in the database. Examples:

  • To a predefined group of contacts (see standard CRM functionality);
  • The female contacts;
  • The contacts whose company operates in a particular field;
  • Etc ( the application includes a dedicated module for custom selections in the database).

The application will generate, based on your template, a personalized message for each recipient. Then it will send by e-mail, to fax or printer, the generated messages. For traditional mail campaigns, you have the option to print envelope labels.


  • Preparation: recipient selection. Contact grups or using dynamic database queries (requires knowledge of SQL).
  • Generate customized documents based on the template.
  • Transmission: via email, fax or printer.
  • Follow-up: Each recipient is characterized (in terms of campaign) by a status (defined by you), and its evolution can be registered both by changing the status (ex: “Confirmed”, “Rejected”, etc. ) and by attaching explanatory notes or documents.
  • Each contact detail will provide information on the campaigns in which it was addressed and the results obtained.
  • Possibility to generate semi-automatic tracking projects. If a recipient is found in a certain state (Ex: “Interest”), you can create projects (ie sales projects), based on predefined templates, so that an employee can pursue and capitalize on sales opportunities.

Reports on the outcome of a campaign are a click away.

Customer Relationship Management - Event Management

The project of type “Event” is a tool for events managing (organization of courses, fairs and exhibitions, parties, etc. …). The application allows definition of elements necessary for organizing an event:

  • Event period;
  • Number of available places;
  • A list of attendees;
  • Event-specific documents (invitations, media courses, feedback forms, etc.);
  • Where participation in the event requires payment of a sum a purchase order template can be prepared. The template will be used for generating purchase orders for the attendees.

The project manager is able to define the list of participants, each of which are characterized by a status (the list of statuses can be configured by you). It may be configured that a certain status of an attendee to automatically book a place .

Using a mechanism of forms and approval flows (requires modules Flows and Forms – see KeySoft DMS ), an application for participation at the event will be reviewed by the project manager who will decide whether or not to introduce the visitor to the list of participants as well as its status.

Shared Resources Management

Resource management module allows users to reserve for a certain period of time the company’s shared resources (Examples: cars, conference rooms, video projector, etc.).

The user will specify the resource (from a predefined list of resources) and the reservation period. Reservations can be made through the activities (Tasks), so that, besides viewing reservation, the motivation will also be available. If the resource is already taken the reservation will be shown.

Resources availability is represented graphically, so viewing is quick and allows planning activities to avoid any overlap.

Most common KeySoft TMS functionality, becomes available when purchasing KeySoft CRM.

For additional info, please read: KeySoft TMS – Common Features and Technical Details.

Product details

Name: , v 5.0.1
Category: Productivity
Description: KeySoft Customer Relationship Management offers a structured way for customer relationship management and a tool that will help manage sales cycles, be they simple or complex.
Languages: English, Romana
Operating systems: Windows Server 2000 and up, Windows XP and up,
Requirements: SQL Server Express 2005 and up, SQL Server 2000 and up, MySQL 5.1 and up, PostgreSQL 8.0 and up, Oracle 10 and up