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The software is fully functional for a test period of 30 days and the unlimited license is free.

If, after you have tested it, you wish to continue using it, just contact us and request your license (free of charge). Don’t forget to specify the software name!

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Key Budget – Personal Budget

Personal Budget Management - KeyBudget logo

Electronic Document Register

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If you have problems installing the application, the Forum is the best place to look for answers and ask your questions.

Quick Install

  • Unzip the downloaded application;
  • Right click “Run as Administrator” – to install the application server (the executable file that does not contain “Client” at the end of its name);
  • Change the destination folder (installation folder) to: “C:\Application_Name”;
    Example: “C:\KeyBudget“.
  • Install with the recommended settings (“Express”). This will install: app server, app client and SQLite database;
  • Call: “Start-All Programs – Application_Name – Application_Name”.
    Example: “Start-All Programs-KeyBudget-KeyBudget“;
    Ignore the menu entry: “Application_Name Server”!
  • Username = admin
  • Password = admin

Note: If the login window asks for a server (most probably, you did not start the app through the above shortcut), use the following: local:KeyDocReg.xgi or local:KeyBudget.xgi (depending on the app that you are using).

Downloaded zip file is broken?

Most probably you are using an old browser. There are no problems with Firefox, Crome or IE 9. You should upgrade your browser. If upgrading is not an option, the solution is described here: Solution for corrupted zip file.