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Version Updates – Instructions

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    English language instructions - Click

    Your version number can be found under the “About – About” menu entry.
    If available, you’ll find the update kit in the application support forum. Example: “Support – KeyBudget”.

    In order to update the application version, please follow the steps below:
    1. Stop the application server
    – If you are using the single user version (no Client), stop the application;
    – If you are using the Client – Server version, stop the application service. Ex: Start – Settings – Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Services. Usually, the service name and the application name are the same.
    2. Download and unzip the update kit. You’ll get a file having “.xks” as extension. Example: “KeyBudget-1.1.1-Windows.xks”.
    3. Copy the “.xks” file into your server installation folder. Example: “C:KeyBudget”.
    – For Client – Server applications: Server installation folder, not client installation folder.
    – When using the single user version (example: KeyBudget, KeyInvoice) the server and the client installation folders are the same.
    4. Start the service or, for single user versions start the application.
    5. Check the server installation folder: the “.xks” file should have disappeared.
    6. Finish.

    – If the “.xks” file did not disappear, repeat carefully the update steps.
    – Still no luck? Post a support question on the forum.

    Instructiuni in limba română - Click

    Numarul versiunii de aplicatie se gaseste apeland meniul “Despre – Despre”.
    Daca este disponibil, kitul pentru actualizare se gaseste in forumul de suport pentru aplicatie. Exemplu: “Support – KeyBudget”.

    Pentru a actualiza versiunea de aplicatie, va rugam sa urmati pasii de mai jos:
    1. Opriti serverul de aplicatie
    – Daca folositi versiunea pentru un singur utilizator (fara Client), opriti aplicatia;
    – Daca folositi versiunea Client – Server, opriti serviciul. Exemplu: Start – Settings – Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Services. De cele mai multe ori, numele serviciului este acelasi cu numele aplicatiei.
    2. Descarcati si dezarhivati kitul pentru actualizare. Veti obtine un fisier cu extensia “.xks”. Exemplu: “KeyBudget-1.1.1-Windows.xks”.
    3. Copiati fisierul “.xks” in directorul in care este instalat serverul de aplicatie. Exemplu: “C:KeyBudget”.
    – Pentru aplicatiile Client – Server: Directorul in care este instalat Serverul si nu Clientul!.
    – Pentru applicatiile cu un singur utilizator (exemple: KeyBudget, KeyInvoice) directorul serverului si al clientului coincid.
    4. Porniti serviciul sau, daca aplicatia este pentru un singur utilizator, porniti aplicatia.
    5. Verificati directorul in care este instalat serverul de aplicatie: fisierul “.xks” trebuie sa fi disparut.
    6. Gata.

    – Daca fisierul “.xks” nu a disparut, reluati cu grija pasii de actualizare.
    – Daca tot nu ati reusit, semnalati problema pe forum.

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