Key Document Register

Key-Document-RegisterAn Electronic Document Register to help you save time and keep an electronic archive of your important documents.

Each company holds a register for the incoming or outgoing documents. Now, any document can be added to the electronic register. It will receive an auto generated registration number and additional attributes.

The Register offers a set of filters. Finding a registered document is fast and easy by using filter combinations.

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Key Document Register

In-Out Document Register

  • Single user
  • Perpetual license
  • Forum – Free support

Key Document Register is free for single user. We are only asking you to share about us on Facebook.

Go to the Download Page, share about KeySoft on Facebook, and download the installation kit!

If, after you have tested it, you wish to continue using it, just use the contact form to request your license (free of charge).


  • Document type: In or Out;
  • Registration date;
  • Document code: auto generated based on your configuration;
  • Partner name;
  • Partner date;
  • Partner registration date;
  • Document type – selector;
  • Reference – referred document (selection from the existing documents);
  • Key words;
  • Description;
  • Note.

Physical location of the document

Some official or commercial documents must be stored in physical form. In order to work with those documents, you will make an electronic copy and add it to Key Document Register.

You may choose not to create an electronic archive containing the full content but only references to physical documents.
In this case, you’ll add a short descriptive document, including some keywords, in Key Document Register and specify the location of the original document.

The functionality is available in the Document Detail interface – physical location: room, cabinet and file.

Additional Features and Technical Details

Please find the details on this page: Dexgine – Common Features and Technical Details.

The above tutorial movie will show you how easy is to install de software. A quick install guide is available on the download page.

Product details

Name: , v 2.0.2
Category: Document management
Description: An Electronic Document Register to help you save time and keep an electronic archive of your important documents.
Languages: English, Romana
Operating systems: Windows Server 2000 and up, Windows XP and up,
Requirements: SQL Server Express 2005 and up, SQL Server 2000 and up, MySQL 5.1 and up, PostgreSQL 8.0 and up, Oracle 10 and up