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Key-Service-320x171Starting from the classifications of customers and contacts, including databases of equipments in service (installed base) Key Service allows the configuration, planning, tracking and reporting activities for resolving service calls.

The software includes a reporting system offered directly in the application interface as well as additional printed reports using Microsoft Word or html templates. By using Word or html formats, the users are able to easily customize the overall look. Eg fonts, colors, add images (company logo) etc..

The software interface follows industry standards and it is familiar and easy to use.

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Key Service

Service Management

  •  Perpetual License
  • Clients and Contracts
  • Articles and Services
  • Products and Calls
  • Knowledge Base
  •  Many other…
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The access rights level can be configured. The software administrator has the option to restrict user access to application menus. In addition, access may be restricted at the interface button. Features such as data export can be easily restricted. Security settings can be applied at user level or group of users.

By using a relational database system and logical restrictions we ensure consistency and coherence. The application uses “one time data entry” system. Example: Information on beneficiaries are entered into the system once and reused whenever needed. The same applies to items (products and / or services) that the company uses and many other data.

Standard, the software sends notifications to the person responsible for resolving the service call. The notification is sent at call allocation, call reallocation or call deletion.

Also, the software transmits notification in advance for the service products whose warranty is due to expire. Configuration area lets you define the user group to be notified.

Included modules


Besides the great ease of use, KeySoft Service is extremely flexible. You can shape your company’s activity configuring a wide range of parameters:

  • Users;
  • Groups;
  • User rights – menu level;
  • User rights – button level;
  • Notification templates – module allows customization of text sent by a notification;
  • Countries, regions, counties, cities. A city belongs to a county which belongs to a region which belongs to a country. The operator will select the city and the application will complement other information;
  • Address type (eg: office, warehouse);
  • Product group (item group);
  • Product line (item line);
  • Units of measurement;
  • Clients: type and activity domain;
  • Advanced autonumbering system:
    • Items;
    • Service product;
    • Service call;
    • Contract.
  • Service call type;
  • Service call status;
  • Service engineers:
    • Name;
    • Position;
    • Certifications.
  • Product identification: Corresponds / Does not correspond;
  • Cerinte exploatare:
    • Observed;
    • Not observed;
    • Other situations.
  • Warranty types;
  • Severity types:
    • Name;
    • Color to be used in the list of service calls.
  • Response times and repair times;
  • Contact types;
  • Warranty expiration notification parameters:
    • Group to be notified (selected from the list of user groups);
    • Number of days in advance (how many days before expiry notification will be sent).
  • User preferences:
    • Password change;
    • Custom shortcuts for accesing the menu entries.
  • Knowledge base categories;
  • Access rights templates:
    • Customer;
    • Knowledge base.


  • General contact info;
  • Submodule: List of service products;
  • Submodule: List of service calls;
  • Submodule: List of contacts;
  • Submodule: List of locations (addresses).

Service Products

The following elements characterize the installed base (products registered in service):

  • Article: selector from the list of articles;
  • Name;
  • Serial;
  • Customer;
  • Location;
  • Warranty type;
  • Warranty start date;
  • Warranty end date;
  • Submodule: List of programmed or finalised service calls;
  • Submodule: Documents;
  • Submodule: Notes.


The following elements characterize the contract:

  • Code – generated by the software;
  • Customer;
  • Start date, end date;
  • Description;
  • Submodule: Response times and repair times: higher priority than the times set in the configuration area;
  • Submodule: Notes;
  • Submodule: Documents.

Service calls

The following elements characterize the service calls:

  • Code – generated by the software;
  • Type;
  • Severity;
  • Status;
  • Equipment (product);
  • Equipment name;
  • Serial number;
  • Date/ hour;
  • Due date/ hour – automatically completed according to the contract, if any, or according to the settings in the configuration area;
  • Customer;
  • Contact person;
  • Call description;
  • Planned date / time;
  • Arrival date / time;
  • Duration of intervention (in minutes);
  • Responsible – Key Service user;
  • Estimate;
  • Subcontractor: selection from the list of contact persons.
  • Currency and exchange rate to generate Estimate / Tender. Optional.
  • Submodules:
    • Operations and articles for generating the Estimate (optional). Select from the list of items;
    • Materials. Select from the list of items;
    • Service engineers who performed the intervention – based on drafted documents;
    • Documents. Allows attaching any document relating to the service call. Example: email, report of findings, other referenced documents;
    • Notes.
    • Resolution.
  • Print:
    • Work order;
    • Estimate;
    • Fax to Customer;
    • Fax to Subcontractor.
  • Email:
    • Customer;
    • Subcontractor.

Knowledge base

To ease activity and rapid integration of new employees, Key Service provides a way to manage knowledge (know how). The module allows either attaching documents or registration of web addresses that provide useful information.

The following elements characterize the knowledge base module:

  • Name / Description;
  • Category;
  • Web address (optional);
  • Document (optional): Attached document;
  • Keywords;
  • Creation date and creator;
  • Modification date and modifier.

Grant Access to Client

Key Service allows application administrators to provide customers controlled access to the database. Quality of services offered by your company grows significantly.

The customer representative will have restricted access to the application so that it can access and modify information about the company he represents, it can add a new service call and track his own service calls.


A number of standard reports are provided through the application modules using combinations of filters.


  • Customers report by: type, activity domain, city, county, region, country.
  • Contacts report by: type, company.
  • Installed base reports:
    • Products having the warranty start date in period;
    • Products having the warranty end date in period;
    • Products by contract (warranty type);
    • Products per customer;
  • Service calls reports:
    • Service calls by severity;
    • Service calls by customer;
    • Service calls by status;
    • Service calls by responsible;
    • Service calls by type and period;

Additional reports:

  • Activity report per employee (service engineer), per period;
  • Products by customer and number of service calls per period. Allows you to set the interval of days and the minimum number of service calls that had been made inside this period for the same product and customer.

Export: Excel, csv, tab

Often, reports from a software application – although containing information required by the user – do not provide all presentation forms. For example, a list of invoices can provide totals while user wants subtotals per day.

Most times, when the user needs additional presentation forms, the software has to be customized – for example: the development of a new report – with the disadvantages of rigor (time and resources involved, cost, future maintenance, etc.).

To solve this problem, Key Service enables users to export the information from any list (be it a client list, articles or any other information presented in tabular form) to Microsoft Excel. The user can perform the processing required to obtain additional presentation forms.

Other export formats: “.csv” or “.tab”.

Data export is made based on access rights in order to avoid the possibility of unauthorized information extraction from the database.

Security – access to information

Key Service offers a comprehensive system of access rights to information that allows restricting access to entry level menu. For example: access to system configuration modules can be restricted.

In addition, access may be restricted at the interface functional button level. Example: restricting access to insert new data or delete existing data, access to data export functionality.

Rights may be granted per user or per group.

Additional Features and Technical Details

Please find the details on this page: Dexgine – Common Features and Technical Details.

Product details

Name: , v 1.1.0
Category: Productivity
Description: Key Service allows the configuration, planning, tracking and reporting activities for resolving service calls.
Languages: English, Romana
Operating systems: Windows Server 2000 and up, Windows XP and up,
Requirements: SQL Server Express 2005 and up, SQL Server 2000 and up, MySQL 5.1 and up, PostgreSQL 8.0 and up, Oracle 10 and up
Price: from 152 EUR. Price list
Availability: In stock