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Today’s economic context has led to the involvement of companies in projects that aim to reduce costs generated by information management and warehousing and to maximize the productivity of employees.

These two elements are even more important when medical practises come into question, entities that have to manage large volumes of information regarding patients. Data like contact information, medical history, documents and images, diagnostics or prescribed drugs have to be available at any time, managed with the least amount of effort and stored in a safe location.


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Ophthalmology Clinic

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Luminita Teodorescu - Ophthalmology MD Oftalmix SOP

KeyOftalm makes my work easier!

Luminita Teodorescu - Ophthalmology MDThe software is easy to use. Inserting data is easy. Access to all patient data is immediate (medical history, consultation data). I find very useful the option to insert documents, exploratory results and photographs for each consultation. Consultations are rendered chronologically. This feature allows us to easily make the patient’s assessment. Selecting data for statistical analysis is simple and fast. Also, the software allows us to create a list with the name, telephone number and e-mail address of each patient, in order to rapidly inform all of them.

About Luminita Teodorescu

  • Ophthalmology MD;
  • Founding member and vice-president of the Romanian Pediatric Cross eye and Ophthalmology Society;
  • ESA (European Strabismological Association) member;
  • ISA (International Strabismological Association) member;
  • Member of the Romanian Glaucoma Society;
  • Courses, improvements, papers presented in Romania, USA, Netherlands, Greece, Israel, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Albania, Norway, Turkey, Brazil, etc.;
  • Associate, founding member and ophthalmology MD at the OFTALMIX SOP Medical Clinic – Bucharest.

Arguments and Benefits

  • The application has been developed in close collaboration with specialised physicians.
  • Coherent and structured database. The retrieval of information is immediate. The data regarding patients is consolidated in a single, easy to access, location. In a moment you can find contact information, patient history, documents, consultations, analysis results, using combined filters.
  • Easy to use. The application’s graphical interface (calendar) is a fast way of checking the availability of resources (physicians), the work schedule, scheduled or finalized consultancies.
  • Internal communication – Sticky Notes. A brief information or request can be sent with ease between application users.
  • Optimize the interaction with patients. Starting with a patient’s contact information and finishing with the last consultation, the application will manage all the information regarding:
    • Patients lists and contact data;
    • The practice’s working schedule;
    • Physicians, with a customizable working schedule;
    • Appointments;
    • Periodical consultations;
    • Ophthalmological measurements;
    • Documents and images;
    • Diagnostics list;
    • Drugs list;
    • Drugs prescriptions;
    • Surgeries.
  • A set of specialized forms: Motivations, Receipts, Reference tickets, Contact lens charts, Cross eye consultations, Ophthalmological consultations, Operation charts, Exit tickets, etc.;
  • Costs generated by information management and the quality of services will be optimized. Information is readily available and the answers for clients are promt.
  • Security. Information is managed on a central server and is available only to authorised personnel, based on username and password. Furthermore the application’s administration menus offer the possibility of back-up and restore for the database.

Ophthalmology Clinic Software Application - Features

  • Appointments – By using the graphical module that represents the working schedule for all the physicians or for each of them, you will significantly reduce the it time takes to make an appointment. Also, each physician will know at any time what appointments he has in a certain day, the appointment type, who is the patient and the consultation’s duration. Last but not least, you can rapidly identify the consultations that have been previously scheduled but that have not been met, a very useful information for rescheduling patients.
  • Multiple calendar – By using the Ophthalmology Clinic Software Application, your assistant has the possibility to rapidly access the schedule for the whole practice, visualising the availability of the physicians, in order to schedule new appointments. The answer given to patients will be fast, and the decrease in time allocated for scheduling appointments will be significant.
  • Periodical check-ups – You can manage the link between consultations and you can schedule periodical check-ups for each patient. Useful information will be copied from one consultation to another.
  • Ophthalmological Analyses/ Measurements – The management of analyses and measurements made for patients has never been easier. This information is presented in a unitary manner and structured based on their necessity for a certain consultation, from a simple reading glasses prescription to surgeries. Thus, you can rapidly extract information regarding a patient’s analyses, by using a printable report or by viewing the information within the application.
  • Notifications or Confirmations – You have the possibility to send notifications or consultation confirmations for each patient.
  • Patients history – The application manages a patient’s information unitarily in order to give easy and rapid access to it.
  • Customizable diagnostics list – In order to reduce the implementation time, the application comes preconfigured with a varied list of diagnostics. These diagnostics can be modified, deleted or you can add new diagnostics, according to your practise’s needs.
  • Customizable drugs list – The Ophthalmology Clinic Software Application comes to your aid with a preconfigured list of drugs. You can add as many drugs as you need. These drugs will be used when issuing prescriptions.
  • Personalized forms – Are you loosing too much time filling out a receipt, a prescription or surgery chart? Things have never been easier! The application comes with printable reports that help you finalize these tasks in a matter of seconds. Information regarding patients, consultations, analyses are extracted from the database and are sent to a printable format.
  • Reports – In order to easily follow patients, the Ophthalmology Clinic Software Application comes with a set of reports that generate patient lists based on diagnostic, prescribed drugs, analyses or surgeries.

Additional Features and Technical Details

Please find the details on this page: Dexgine – Common Features and Technical Details.

Product details

Name: , v 1.1.1
Category: Medical
Description: Data like contact information, medical history, documents and images, diagnostics or prescribed drugs have to be available at any time, managed with the least amount of effort and stored in a safe location.
Languages: English, Romana
Operating systems: Windows Server 2000 and up, Windows XP and up,
Requirements: SQL Server Express 2005 and up, SQL Server 2000 and up, MySQL 5.1 and up, PostgreSQL 8.0 and up, Oracle 10 and up
Price: from 152 EUR. Price list
Availability: In stock