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Price list

SoftwareStart kit (1 user)Additional ( 1-4 users)Additional ( > 5 users)Maintenance (optional)Upgrade (optional)
KeyDoc 490 119 95.220% (min. 150 EUR)50%
Key Groupware49011995.220% (min. 150 EUR)50%
Key Vet49011995.220% (min. 150 EUR)50%
Key Service49019015220% (min. 150 EUR)50%
  • Prices are listed in EURO and do not include VAT, local taxes or local customs charges.
  • All prices are per user.
  • Optional maintenance value is calculated as 20% of the total license value, but no less than 150 EUR.
  • Optional upgrade is calculated as 50% of the total license value.
  • Key Soft reserves the right to change this offer at any time.

Calculation example

Example 1: You buy 3 KeyDoc licenses, no maintenance program.

    • Total = 490 EUR + (2 x 119 EUR) = 728 EUR (without VAT).

Example 2: You buy 6 KeyDoc licenses and 1 year maintenance.

    • License value = 490 EUR + (5 x 95.2 EUR) = 966 EUR (without VAT)
    • Annual maintenance value = 966 EUR x 20% = 193.2 EUR (without VAT).
    • Total = License value + maintenance value = 966 EUR + 193.2 EUR = 1159.2 EUR (without VAT)

Example 3: Yo have bought 3 KeyDoc licenses without a maintenance program and you want to upgrade the software to the latest available release.

    • Total = 728 EUR x 50% = 364 EUR (without VAT)

Please contact Key Soft if you need support.

What you get

  • Electronic versions for Application Server Software and Application Client Software.
  • Perpetual license to use the software by the number of users as paid for and in the terms and conditions specified in the License Agreement.
  • Free Forum support available on regular business days..
  • 90 days free email support available on regular business days.

Optional annual maintenance program

We offer an optional but recommended maintenance program that ensures you are licensed to use the software upgrades that are commercially released by KeySoft during your Maintenance period. This is the easiest and by far the most economical way for you and your company to keep your software investment current.

In addition, you’ll get priority support through the applications Forum and email during regular business days.

If you don’t have a maintenance program or your maintenance is expired and Key Soft announces the availability of an upgrade, you will no longer be eligible for the free upgrade. You must purchase the upgrade to participate in the maintenance program.

The annual maintenance fee is paid in advance and is not refundable.

Licensing details

Licensing is made per named user.

Named user license attributes:

  • The user is defined by the “user name (code)”;
  • You can define a total number of users equal to the number of purchased licenses;
  • The Application Server can be installed on a single computer;
  • There  is no restriction on:
    • Number of computers that you install the Application Client software;
    • Number of concurrent access to the Application Server software;
 Concurrent user number access restrictions can be set by your chosen database software! Read your licensing agreement for the selected database system!
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