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KeySoft SFA is part of a set of enterprise management applications promoted by our company as the Total Management System (TMS). The module can be purchased by itself.

In the current competitive environment it has become imperative to use the proper tools for developing and managing the sales force. KeySoft Sales Force Automation is an application that will help reduce the costs of the sales process, increase sales agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

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KeySoft Sales Force Automation is built out of two main modules:

  • Application server;
  • The client application (installed on the Pocket PC).

Located at the warehouse, the application server will manage customers, orders, products, price lists and discounts, numbers for orders and receipts from collection, customer balance, allocating customers on the route and transfer information to and from the mobile equipment.

Using relational database SQL type (PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2), the application is extremely flexible in order to allow interfacing with ERP applications.

We have not forgotten that it is possible to have your deposits or branches distributed locally and that you wish the activity management to be done at the center headquarters. Printr-o interfata simpla si usor de utilizat, aplicatia server este accesibila prin intermediul Internetului. Puteti, astfel, sa gestionati pe un server central activitatea intregii forte de vanzari a companiei, indiferent de zona geografica de activitate. Through a simple and easy to use interface the application server is accessible via the Internet. You can thus manage the entire activity of the company’s sales force on a central server, regardless of geographical area of activity.

Installed on mobile equipment, the client application will provide all relevant information about customers, products and orders.

KeySoft SFA – Sales Force Automation – Description

Daily operations performed by the sales agents can be structured in a workflow with three components:

  • Loading data;
  • Route Operations;
  • Download data.

Loading data

Every morning mobile devices are loaded by an operator with the following information:

  • order numbers range (the application will automatically increment the orders numbers);
  • receipt numbers range (it will correspond with numbers on the receipt-book);
  • list of products (items);
  • allocated clients according to the established route;
  • price and discounts lists according to allocated customers;
  • collection situation according to allocated customers.

Before leaving on the route, the salesperson will fill out a simple form in the client application, specifying the route, the car registration number and mileage index.

Route Operations

The sales agent on the route has the following options:

  • To view, modify and add information on allocated clients;
  • To introduce new clients on that route;
  • To take orders, specifying delivery dates, manner and time of payment;
  • To collect. He has at his disposal the List of open invoices, the total amount receivable and the amount’s due date;
  • To enter information regarding the client’s existing stock.

Download data

Upon returning from the route, the salesperson will complete the mileage index and the operator will download into the application server:

  • information about customers (new customers or changes to existing ones);
  • collections moneys received;
  • received sales orders.

Product details

Name: , v 5.0.1
Category: Productivity
Description: KeySoft SFA is an application that will help reduce the costs of the sales process, increase sales agent productivity and customer satisfaction.
Languages: English, Romana
Operating systems: Windows Server 2000 and up, Windows XP and up,
Requirements: SQL Server Express 2005 and up, SQL Server 2000 and up, MySQL 5.1 and up, PostgreSQL 8.0 and up, Oracle 10 and up