Document management – Differences between KeyDoc and KeyDoc 2

So, which document management solution is better?

Simple answer: the one that better answers to your needs.

In any case it’s your decision because you know what you need. Of course, we always recommend that you speak with someone who can understand what you want and also understands the alternatives. Best option: talk to us!

In order to help your decision process, here are the differences between our 2 document management apps.

Simple Document Management - KeyDoc logo

Document Management - KeyDoc 2

Organizing the documents

  • Folders and subfolders.

Advantage: familiar, similar to Windows Explorer. Unlimited number of folders that allows for a extremely detailed way of organizing documents.

Disadvantage: can become overwhelming if not correctly structured.

  • Attached to Companies or Projects. Full list of documents.

Advantage: closer to the business way of organizing information. Keep your model simple and fast.

Disadvantage: Limited to companies and projects.

Searching for documents

  • Dedicated interface.

Advantage: Specify folder, include or not subfolders, document attributes.

  • Combination of filters.

Advantage: Documents are already attached to your business entities (company or project). Fast to get to information.

Access rights

  • Per folder access rights.

Advantage: Easier to set and update.

Disadvantage: Can become difficult to set access rights for specific documents. You have to organize the folder structure having in mind the access rights constraints.

  • Per document access rights.

Advantage: You can set access rights for any single document.

Disadvantage: Updating the access rights for several documents can be time consuming.

Note that regarding setting acces rights, both solutions offer the option to define a template that applies a custom set of access right to folders (KeyDoc) or documents (KeyDoc 2).  You only have to operate the exceptions to the rule.

Most of the other document management features are common:

  • Any type of electronic document.
  • Document change history. Unlimited number of document versions.
  • Rollback to a previous document version.
  • Check In – Check Out mechanism. Block the document so only one user can modify it at any given moment. Your document does not lose consistency.
  • Use Sticky Notes for yourself or send them to your coleagues.
  • The access rights template saves time. Operate only the exceptions.
  • Easily define your preferred list of document types.
  • Document attributes like description and keywords make finding information easier.
  • Quickly find the information using multiple search filters and filter combinations.
  • IN-OUT document register.
  • Physical location of the document.
  • Multilanguage interface – English and Romanian.

We’ll try to help you make the right decision.  Contact