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KeyDoc 2 is no longer available

KeyDoc 2 was replaced by Document & Project Management Software – Key Groupware


Document Management - KeyDoc 2Key Soft is offering different solutions for document management. This new solution comes with a different approach to the way of organizing documents.

While KeyDoc’s aproach is a classic one – folder structure and documents included into folders -, KeyDoc 2 includes a database for companies and projects. Your documents are attached to company or project and not structured in a folder tree. Finding documents related to a specific company or a specific project is easier. If you are not sure where to look for the document, use the document list and the filter combinations to quickly find your record.

Create your company agenda including companies and contact persons and organize your activity using projects. Seems familiar? Your next step is to use this database to organize your documents.

When you look for information about a partener, you should find any related documents in the same place. Consolidating your project documents into a single place will save time and effort.

Save time by organizing and managing your documents in a unitary manner!

Let’s not forget that you obtain an electronic document archive.

KeyDoc 2

Document management

  •  Perpetual license
  • Document history
  • Check In – Check Out
  • In-Out Register
  • Access rights
  • Multi User
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A different aproach is offered by KeyDoc – Simple document management. Documents are structered in folders. The acces rights are set per folder instead of document. Check it out.

Simple Document Management - KeyDoc logo

Do you need more? Document flows, forms, ocr, custom document attributes… You should take a look at KeySoft DMS – Document and Flow Management System

KeySoft DMS

Document management software that is simple, fast and inexpensive:

  • Adding and retrieving documents;
  • Cataloging/ organizing documents;
  • Collaboration;
  • Versioning: document history;
  • Security: document level access rights and more;
  • Ease of use.

Document management, accounts and projects - Arguments and Benefits

Save time and effort by keeping your documents organized. Your company’s documents are kept in an electronic archive and a custom set of access rights helps keeping the important information away from unauthorized eyes. Act fast and informed.

  • Unlimited number of companies, contact persons and documents.
  • Any type of electronic document.
  • Document change history. Unlimited number of document versions.
  • Rollback to a previous document version.
  • Check In – Check Out mechanism. Block the document so only one user can modify it at any given moment. Your document does not lose consistency.
  • Use Sticky Notes for yourself or send them to your coleagues.
  • Document level access rights: View, Modify and Delete per user or user group.
  • The access rights template saves time. Operate only the exceptions.
  • Easily define your preferred list of document types.
  • Document attributes like description and keywords make finding information easier.
  • Quickly find the information using multiple search filters and filter combinations.
  • Multilanguage interface – English and Romanian.

In-Out Register

Each company holds a register for the incoming or outgoing documents. Most of the time the document is addressed to a specific employee. So, the document would be registered and then the problems appear. You have to find, deliver and, maybe, get a signed receipt from the addressee.

Now, any document managed by KeyDoc can be added to the register. It will receive an auto generated registration number and additional attributes. In addition, KeyDoc offers the option to set a responsible for the document and a due date for the response. The responsible will be notified by the software that a new responsibility has been assigned to him (her).

The responsibility can be reassigned or the due date can be modified. Both the new responsible and the old responsible will be notified about the changes. The Register offers a set of filters. Finding a registered document is fast and easy by using filter combinations.


  • Document type: In or Out;
  • Registration date;
  • Document code: auto generated based on your configuration;
  • Partner name – selection from the list of companies;
  • Partner date;
  • Referred document: selection from the list of already registered documents;
  • Partner registration date;
  • Status: Waiting, In Work or Finalised. You have the option to specify the available list of document status;
  • Due Date;
  • Responsible: selection from the user list;
  • Unlimited number of notes. Who, when and what had to say about the current record.

Physical location of the document

Some official or commercial documents must be stored in physical form. In order to work with those documents, you will make an electronic copy and add it to the document management software. Another situation is when your physical archive is extremely big and goes back several years. You may choose not to create an electronic archive containing the full content but only references to physical documents. In this case, you’ll add a short descriptive document, including some keywords, in KeyDoc 2 and you may want to specify the location of the original document. In order to consult the original document you’ll have to find it first.

KeyDoc 2 offers the option to set the location of the physical document,  by specifying the room, cabinet, and the file where it is physically stored.

The functionality is available in the Document Detail interface.

Additional Features and Technical Details

Please find the details on this page: Common Features and Technical Details.

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