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Medical practice – Patient & activity management

Key Patient - Medical clinic activity management softwareThe interaction between an institution and its third parties is even more important when we are talking about a medical practice. Any type of practice, be it dental, general medicine or oncology has to have an instrument that should ease activity management.

Patient’s charts, future consults, appointments for a given period of time, have to be visualized, added or modified rapidly. Furthermore, for any consult, the physician has to have the possibility of issuing a wide variety of specific documents (certificates, reference tickets, receipts, etc.) in order to correctly manage the interaction with a certain patient. Given these goals, we created an application with the help of which any medical practice can be managed, regardless of its specialty.


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Key Patient

Medical Practice

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Medical Practice Software - Overview

The proposed software solution has, at its core, the calendar for each employee, be it a physician or auxiliary personnel.

The practice’s secretary, when a patient wants to make an appointment, has available a graphical instrument that will show if a certain physician is available for a consultation. When the consultation has been planned, the physician will receive a notification, giving him the possibility to efficiently manage his work schedule.

Each consult is characterized by a series of attributes:

  • diagnostic,
  • prescribed drugs together with the dose of each drug,
  • notes (short information regarding the consult), and
  • documents (in electronic format: x-rays, pictures, reference tickets, etc.).

At any time, you will know what drug or diagnostic has been prescribed to a certain patient and what was the information that you based your decision on.

Because the medical act may spread over a longer period of time, the software solution allows you to create logical connections between consults (followup consults), assuring that the management of consults will be made with maximum efficiency.

Medical Practice Software - Arguments and Benefits

  • Simple, familiar interface based on software industry standards; Any employee, with minimum computer skills will be able to rapidly use the application;
  • Increased productivity for the auxiliary personnel (the secretary, for example) because they have the possibility to visualize the calendar of multiple physicians in the same interface or to visualize the calendar of a certain physician for various periods of time (day, three days, week, month);
  • The feature that allows users to create new appointments or consults directly in the graphical interface by double clicking the calendar significantly reduces the time needed to add a new appointment;
  • Time management is improved because users can visualize the work schedule of every physician;
  • Information regarding consults is managed in a single place, thus you can easily find out the result of these consults;
  • A patient’s history will greatly improve the medical act (a medic will know at any time what diagnostic has been given to a patient, as well as the prescribed drugs);
  • Any document associated with a consult (pictures, x-rays), and other observations the physician has made will be managed, assuring greater quality for the medical act;
  • The existence of predefined forms will allow you to quickly generate medical documents (reference notes, receipts, medical letters, etc.);
  • The reports will allow you to find out all the necessary details in order to assure proper activity management;
  • Because all of a patient’s information is managed, you will have your clinic’s agenda and, if a certain employee will leave your company, it will be able to function, as if nothing ever happened;
  • Ease of use (Romanian/English interface, documentation for each menu of the application).

Medical Practice Software - Specific features

  • Appointments – By using the graphical module that represents the working schedule for all the physicians or for each of them, you will significantly reduce the time it takes to make an appointment. Also, each physician will know at any time what appointments he has in a certain day, the appointment type, who is the patient and the consultation’s duration. Last but not least, you can rapidly identify the consultations that have been previously scheduled but that have not been met, a very useful information for rescheduling patients.
  • Multiple calendars – By using the Patient Management Software Application, your assistant has the possibility to rapidly access the schedule for the whole practice, visualizing the availability of the physicians, in order to schedule new appointments. The answer given to patients will be fast, and the decrease in time allocated for scheduling appointments will be significant.
  • Periodical check-ups – You can manage the link between consultations and you can schedule periodical check-ups for each patient. Useful information will be copied from one consultation to another.
  • Notifications or Confirmations – You have the possibility to send notifications or consultation confirmations for each patient.
  • Patients history – The application manages a patient’s information unitarily in order to give easy and rapid access to it.
  • Customizable diagnostics list – You can add new diagnostics, modify existing diagnostics or delete diagnostics, according to your practice’s needs.
  • Customizable drugs list – You can add as many drugs as you need. These drugs will be used when issuing prescriptions.
  • Personalized forms – Are you wasting too much time filling out a receipt, a prescription or reference note? Things have never been easier! The application comes with printable reports that help you finalize these tasks in a matter of seconds. Information regarding patients and consults are extracted from the database and are sent to a printable format.
  • Reports – In order to easily follow patients, the Patient Management Software Application comes with a set of reports that generate patient lists based on diagnostic or prescribed drugs.

Additional Features and Technical Details

Please find the details on this page: Dexgine – Common Features and Technical Details.

Product details

Name: , v 2.0.0
Category: Medical
Description: Any type of practice, be it dental, general medicine or oncology has to have an instrument that should ease activity management.
Languages: English, Romana
Operating systems: Windows Server 2000 and up, Windows XP and up,
Requirements: SQL Server Express 2005 and up, SQL Server 2000 and up, MySQL 5.1 and up, PostgreSQL 8.0 and up, Oracle 10 and up
Price: from 95.2 EUR. Price list
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