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Key Vet - Veterinary Practice SoftwareA flexible, effective and efficient veterinary practice management system.

All patient data in one place: Client and pet (patient) record keeping, patient history, appointment calendar, planned and confirmed schedules, diagnostics, treatments, vaccines, disinfestations, analysis results, images and documents, notes.

The software is extremely configurable allowing for a deep customization.

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Key Vet

Veterinary Practice

  • Perpetual License
  • Patients & Clients
  • Patient History
  • Graphs & Reports
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Dr. Cristian Enciu Crystal Vet & Pet

The result is a complete software for managing a veterinary clinic.

I was already using a software to manage my clinic patients, but I felt the need for something better. Something that, in addition to the unitary information management, allows for a better contact with customers. I did not find what I was looking for but I found Key Soft and their availability to extend Key Vet. The result is a complete software for managing a veterinary clinic.

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Main modules:

  • Company info and company logo for the printed reports
  • Patient species, breeds and patient status
  • Visits (appointment calendar)
  • Consultations
  • Treatments
  • Estimates and accounts receivables
  • Reminders – manually or automatically send personalised email reminders to customers
  • Sticky notes
  • Graphs and reports
    • Reporting cube based on Estimates
    • Top customers per period
    • Vaccines per species and period
    • Disinfestations per species and period
    • New patients per period


Drugs, consumables and services are structured into product groups, product lines and manufacturers.

Specify the types of documents used in your clinic and attach documents to patients or appointments.

The veterinary practice software allows you to configure the codification (auto numbering) for patients, appointments, products/services, prescriptions, estimates and analysis.

An extended configuration area allows for the definition of an unlimited number of analysis templates. Based on these templates you can keep records of analysis results for your patients. Each Analysis report can be printed (pdf) and the printed report will include your company info and company logo as specified in the configuration area.

Client (contact) details:

  • Pet list
  • Documents and notes
  • Name, address, phone, mobile, email, etc
  • Source and source description
  • Birthday notification

Patient details:

  • Consultation history
  • Analysis
  • Prescriptions
  • Estimates
  • Images and Documents
  • Notes
  • Name
  • Full name
  • Owner
  • Species
  • Breed
  • Picture (jpg)
  • Color
  • Microchip, tatoo, passport
  • Weight
  • Birthday notification
  • Pedegree

Appointment (consultation) details

  • Calendar
  • Images & Documents
  • Notes
  • Medic (Responsible)
  • Patient (with full history)
  • Owner
  • Start date/hour
  • End date/hour
  • Status

Additional Features and Technical Details

Please find the details on this page: Common Features and Technical Details.

Product details

Name: , v 4.1.2
Category: Medical
Description: Client and pet (patient) record keeping, patient history, appointment calendar,consultations, treatments, vaccines, disinfestations, analysis reports, graphs and reports, images and documents, notes.
Languages: English, Romana
Operating systems: Windows Server 2000 and up, Windows XP and up,
Requirements: SQL Server Express 2005 and up, SQL Server 2000 and up, MySQL 5.1 and up, PostgreSQL 8.0 and up, Oracle 10 and up
Price: from 95.2 EUR. Price list
Availability: In stock